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          Professor Ian McLoughlin 马国岭 教授

          Eur. Ing., BEng, PhD, IET Fellow, SrMIEEE, CEng


          ICT Cluster, Singapore Institute of Technology,
          SIT@NYP Building, 172A Ang Mo Kio Ave. 8,
          Singapore 567739



          +65 65923499

          ian.mcloughlin .at. singaporetech . edu . sg

          My recent books  

          Computer Systems:
          an embedded approach

          Speech and Audio Processing:
          a MATLAB-based approach

          (Cambridge University Press)

          Computer Architecture:
          an embedded approach


          Applied Speech & Audio Processing:
          with MATLAB examples

          (Cambridge University Press)

          Click to visit website

          Click to visit website

          Click to visit website

          or view the Chinese Translation

          Click to visit website


          A page on my Speech-related research
          ... the
          Bionic Voice project
          SaVAD (Super-Audible Voice Activity Detection)
          ... and
          Machine Hearing /Sound Event Detection

          A page on my Communications-related research

          A page on my Miscellaneous research

          Also an overview of some Old Projects

          I was a founding member of the Earth Observatory of Singapore
          (you read about some of my work here, including the revolutionary GeoTouch here)

          My electromobility research included e-bikes on campus (you can also view some photos)

          X-Sat: about 5 years of my life was spent leading a team to develop the computers for Singapore's first satellite. (click here for photos) and here is some more information. There is also some on the Miscellaneous research page above.

          Here is some of my industrial R&D portfolio


          Over 210 papers (including 5 books, 60 peer-reviewed journals, 150 peer-reviewed conference papers and chapters), listed below:

          Also see me on Google Scholar

          Current  students  

          Lam Dang Pham (PhD)

          Kelvin Summoogum (PhD, part time) -- founder of Miicare

          George Langroudi (PhD) Co-supervised with Dr Palani Ramaswamy

          Also, click here to view some of my recent research students in China

          Graduated  students  

          Ding Zhongqiang (PhD, 2001)

          Hamid Reza Sharifzadeh (PhD, 2011)

          Shiva Prakash Premananda (PhD, 2012)

          Farzaneh Ahmadi (PhD, 2013)

          Erwin Anggadjaja (PhD, 2014)

          Le Thanh Hai (PhD, 2014) - final writeup supervised by Nicholas Vun Chan Hua, NTU

          Nguyen Quang Huy (PhD, soon) - now supervised by Nicholas Vun Chan Hua, NTU

          Pham Hung Thinh (PhD, ETA 2014) - with Suhaib Fahmy, NTU

          Zeng Wei (PhD, ETA 2015) - now supervised by Philip Fu, NTU

          Cedric Tio Meng Meng (MEng, 2000)

          Fong Loong Chong (MSc, 2003) - with Kryz Pawlikowski, UOC

          Milind Thakur (MSc, 2005) - with Harsha Sirisena, UOC

          Jengis Lo-Ming (MSc, 2006) - with Pete Smith, UOC

          Phan Quoc Huy (MEng, 2012) - main supervisor: Forest Tan Su Lim, SIT

          Xu Simin (MEng, 2013) - with Suhaib Fahmy, NTU

          Fan Gaofeng (MEng, NTU Singapore, 2013)

          Li Jingjie (MEng, USTC, 2015)

          Haomin Zhang (MEng, USTC, 2016)

          Xu Yan (MEng, USTC, 2016)

          Xie Zhipeng (MEng, USTC, 2016)

          Jin Ma (MEng, USTC, 2017)

          Qian Mengjie (PhD) – now supervised by Prof. Martin Russell, The University of Birmingham


          Signal Analysis for Computing

          Computing Systems

          Information Systems Analysis

          Software Engineering Process

          Computer Programming/C programming

          Computer Organisation and Architecture

          Principles of Embedded Computing (MSc level)

          Secure Embedded Systems (MSc level)

          Embedded Computer Architecture (MSc level)

          Embedded Operating Systems (MSc level)

          Guest lecture: Algorithms to Architectures (MSc level)

          Writing papers with LaTeX (MSc/PhD level)

          Industry: 25 courses on Embedded Linux for Atom and ARM processors for Dreamcatcher, in Malaysia & Singapore

          Industry: courseware development on Intel Atom Intelligent Systems (with Dreamcatcher & Intel)

          Industry: audio and speech signal processing

          Industry: DSP development notes

          Computer Peripherals (old stuff)

          Computer Architecture

          Electronics Design (click to see slides)

          University Courseware for Intel/Dreamcatcher - see it here


          Where have I worked (28 years over three continents)

          Where have I travelled (four continents, but where do I want to go next?)

          What do I believe in (why am I here?)

          The University of Birmingham featured me here

          I was also a career case study for the IET

          One of my hobbies was Piano restoration

          & Awards  

          2019 – Won the Univesity of Kent Students' Union Above and Beyond Award (see certificate) - thank you students :)

          2016 – awarded the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) President's International Fellowship.

          2015 – won the best teacher award in USTC (voted by students; thank you!)... See video of my award acceptance speech in May 2015.

          2013 – won the 100 Talent Programme funding from Anhui Province, China

          Award presented by China's Vice-Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Zhang Jianguo, and Anhui Province Deputy Governor...
          Click here for my acceptance speech. Here is the certificate:

          Click to see a bigger one

          2013 – Elected to Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET)

          2005 – winner (with my team) of the inaugural IEE/IET Innovation in Engineering Award (for product design)
          Click here to see the award itself.

          GBP25 – NZ Government VIP award (Visiting Industry Professional) to assist the University of Canterbury

          2003 – winner of the Steven Bly award (for service to other engineers)

          1998 – achieved Chartered Engineer status, UK Engineering Council

          1997 – PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham

          1991 – BEng (hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham

          'O' levels and 'A' levels from Handsworth Grammar School, Handsworth, Birmingham


          2019 - 2020 GBP25,000 EIRA funding on Bionic Voice

          2019 - 2021 GBP250,000 (as Co-PI) Road Safety Trust funding on brain response to brake light designs

          2016 – 2018 GBP60,000 Huawei HIRP funding

          2016 - 2017 RMB88,000 Chinese Academy of Sciences PIFI (President's International Fellowship Initiative)

          2016 – 2017 US$76,898 Google Faculty Funding

          2013 – 2016 RMB500,000 Anhui Provincial funding for Chinese Whispers project

          2013 – 2016 RMB400,000 School startup funding for Chinese Speech Intelligibility

          2013 – 2015 RMB200,000 Funding from Huawei for Machine Hearing

          2012 – 2015 RMB150,000 University funding for biomimetic processing

          2009 – 2012 $1.684m (personal), $250m (shared)

          2006 – 2009 $891k (personal), $1.8m (shared) for embedded-related, wireless, speech

          2001 – 2006 $226k (personal), $4.2m (shared) for wireless research

          1999 – 2001 ~$100k in personal funding for audio-related research

          Some News Items  

          A Computational Prosthesis for the Speech Impaired (Sept 2018) - a Think Kent vido on the latest advances in my Bionic Voice project;

          Are phones listening to us? (Nov 2018) - a popular article on what AI can learn about us through speech and audio analysis;
          This is just one of my articles in The Conversation, with a readership of 500,000 people worldwide, and a wide redistribution list in international news media, TV and radio.

          Research Professional: 10 Top Tips for International Collaboration (Dec 2016) - An article reporting on a talk I gave at the Global Research Opportunities Workshop (GROW) in Kent in November 2016.

          New Scientist: Binge Watching Video Teaches Computers to Recognise Sounds (Nov 2016) - This article by Aviva Rutkin quotes some of my comments on a neat piece of research from a team at MIT (I'm on the second page).

          Daily Mail: One small step for a man (Sept 2016) - This is the 'popular press' version of a news article I wrote for The Conversation, entitled Was Neil Armstrong misquoted? Study suggests his accent could’ve been to blame which discusses some interesting new research published in PLoS-One analysing Neil Armstrong's Mid-Western US Accent.

          Netzpiloten.de: Sind Selfies die neuen Sicherheitspasswo?rter? (Jan 2016) - An German syndication of another article I wrote for The Conversation, entitled Selfies could replace security passwords – but only with an upgrade in which I discuss various issues related to biometrics, and in particular the growing use of voice biometrics (despite the title which sounds like it's only about video!).

          NTU Research Report: Geotouch project and ETH Collaboration (2011) - A writeup of some of my research work at NTU.

          Straits Times: Electric bikes that also plug you in socially (2011) - One of my 'hobbies' is eBikes, and this intersected with my research for a while, in a very small way. The Strait's Times (Singapore's national newspaper) got to hear about it and reported on some of the work.

          Straits Times: A lab to study cities of the future (2010) - Another Straits Tiems article about some of my NTU work - specifically my collaboration with ETH Zurich on Future Cities (if you wonder where I am, it's the top of the third column).

          Misc. links  

          Learning Chinese notes and resources

          Getting Linux on my SA1100 hardware very old! This was my first time porting Linux in 2001

          Harry Potter in the holidays!

          Desiderata an anonymous, but very meaningful prayer.

          John Donne wrote this poem hundreds of years ago. It tells us how all humans are connected.

          Papua New Guinea - read about our church trip to PNG in 2002.

          Study Skills page for students

          Mission Technologies Ltd - the charity partly run by me

          The Anglican Health Service of Papua New Guinea (archived website, was live from 2000 to 2019)

          St Christophers Church, Avonhead, Christchuch, New Zealand

          รับ เครดิต ฟรี 200, Bryndwr, Christchurch, New Zealand

          Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church, West Coast, Singapore

          Who's looking at  
          this page?  

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